How to Buy a Bra Online, According to our Bra Fit Experts

Finding the right bra online can be tricky. The hunt for a bra that fits well, feels comfortable and looks flattering can be daunting. Add the endless options online and we can often feel paralyzed by too many choices, putting off the process altogether.

Rest assured—it is possible to find a great bra from home, and we’re here to make the purchase journey as easy as possible. Our professional Bra Fitter, Angela Cukar, has helped thousands of women find perfect-fitting bras. Her expertise reaches across every size, every shape, and every moment of a woman’s life. Angela is also a certified for mastectomy and prosthesis fitter.  

Here, Angela shares her secrets and fit tips for buying bras online that last and love you back.


1.  Get Fitted by a Professional Once a Year

Ideally, all women should have a fitting with a professional Bra Fitter at least once a year, or after going through a bodily change. Not only will you find your size, but you’ll discover the brands and styles that work best for you. Not only is this information invaluable, it makes online bra shopping a breeze.


2.  Call A Bra Fitter

A phone call is second best to an in-person fitting. A Bra Fitter can talk you through a bra fitting to determine your size and the right styles for you. “A professional bra fitter will know exactly what to ask,” says Angela. “She can then match you with the kind of bra you’re looking for based on how much padding or support you want, as well as anything personal. She’s there to listen to your concerns and walk you through the process.”


3.  Refresh Your Favorite Bras in New Colors

Once you have a few favorite bras recommended by a bra fitter, shop online to refresh them each season with new colors. It’s a tried-and-true method for guaranteeing your perfect fit, while still having something new and fun to wear.


4.  Stay Loyal to Brands You Love

Stick to brands you know fit you well. “Most brands are consistent with their sizing and fit, so you can buy similar bras from the same brand with a better chance of getting a great fit,” says Angela.


5.  Look for 3D Spacer Bras

If you’re new to 3D spacer bras, it’s time to get acquainted. Angela has a favorite bra every woman should buy online: “3D spacer cups are made of a flexible, breathable fabric that truly molds to your shape, so it’s easier to find the right fit because the bra fits you, not the other way around.” Angela recommends the Promesse 3D Plunge bra by Simone Perele, which fits B to F cups.


6.  Read product descriptions carefully.

When shopping online, women often overlook product descriptions and focus solely on the images. In fact, it can be hard to tell some of the bra’s details just by looking at it. Angela says: “Always read the product details, and carefully. Look for notes on the fabric of the bra:  Is it padded? Sheer? Does it have stretch? These are often the hardest things to see in a photo. Take note of any fit tips about how the bra fits, and if it runs small or large.”


7.  Your Band Size is More Important Than You Think. 

“The biggest mistake we see is buying too large of a band size,” says Angela. “Women often mistake a larger band for comfort, but this ends up having the opposite effect. When your band is too loose, it puts the weight on your shoulders.” The best way to avoid this? Use a soft measuring tape to measure around your underbust, directly underneath your breasts. Then round to the closest band size. For example, if you measure a 33.5, opt for a 34 band. Remember that if you go down in band size, you need to “sister size” up a cup size. So if you’re used to wearing a 36D and are ready to go down a band size, try a 34DD or 34E.


So go on, build your bra wardrobe, and have fun. Cukar recommends having at least 7 bras on rotation, so you can let them rest between wears. Don’t forget to ask for a little help—that’s what we’re here for.